Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Social Distancing as an essential worker

Tuesday, April 28 2020 

One more day surviving this crisis, one more day to respect and practice the social distance, one more day that I can't do my main job and one more day that I am earning less income.

As an independent contractor, March, April has been tuff, meaning way less income or even nothing for April and, I think May will be the same. What is helping me is my part-time as a warehouse worker, at least I have something coming in to pay my rent (Unfortunately, I didn't have a compassionate landlord to waive my rent) and other expenses. 

I know that I am put myself at risk going out there but as an essential worker I don't have the option to stay home.
I am taking all the precautions, staying 6ft from people, using mask, washing my hands on a regular basis and avoid touching my face, this last one is not easy but I am trying hard. 

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